Security Shutters


Peace of mind is a priceless commodity
Security without compromising on style.  These lockable, powder-coated, aluminium reinforced security shutters can be used inside or outside, simultaneously protecting and dressing your doors and windows.

This innovative product – security shutters –  provides an almost impenetrable barrier against burglars, without your home looking like a prison. Manufactured from aluminium and stainless steel, covered with a durable powder coat finish ‘Shutter Guard‘ is impervious to rust, wind and weather.  Shutter Guard is the only system that does the work of both, shutters and burglar bars!

Its profiles, clean lines and flexibility enhance the visual appearance of your room whilst still providing the secure environment you want.  Each unit is made to order and installed by expert staff to fit exactly and function perfectly for years to come!

Our shutter product range:


Cottage Style

Track Systems: Bypass / Byfold Systems